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hey, that's me!


  Maddie Crenshaw is a performer who has a love and passion for collaborating with others. She holds a BFA in Musical Theatre as well as a Minor in Music from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. 


about me

Born and raised right outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Maddie has only ever known the Midwest. After discovering her love of Theatre during her freshman year of high school (making her acting debut as Chutney Wyndham in Legally Blonde), she quickly gravitated toward the limelight and never looked back. During her time at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, Maddie not only studied Singing, Acting, and Dancing, but she also took classes in Costume Construction and Design, Scenic Design, Playwriting, Diction, Vocal Pedagogy, Makeup, and more that helped her truly hone her craft.

Maddie started taking classical voice lessons her sophomore year of high school where she fell in love with learning music in different languages. During her time in college, Maddie spent the summers of 2019-2021 performing in KIDS From Wisconsin  — a performance troupe of 36 musicians and singer/dancers who travel across Wisconsin. During her last year, she earned the role of Female Vocal Captain. When she's not working on stage, Maddie is typically behind the bar working as a barista in a cafe or hanging out with her five-year-old coworker as a nanny. 

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